CP Air Stop

The patented CP Air Stop has a faster shut-off and is longer lasting with lower air volume operation than the leading competition, saving wear and tear on the compressor. Available in multiple configurations as a check valve or combo with CP floater turbo nozzle.

Air Stop Check Valve

Connect with 3/4″ Male Pipe Thread or 3/4″ Male Cam Lock Inlet with 3/4″ Cam Lock Female Outlet. CP Air Stop Check Valve can be used in boom section shut-off or to attach nozzles with 3/4″ cam lock inlets like the CP-59LS/HV.

Air Stop Floater Combo Nozzles

Connect with 3/4″ Male Cam Lock Air Stop Check Valve with low or high-volume nozzle options. Both version nozzles have flood nozzle flow rates and generate consistent large droplets. Have everything you need all- in-one.

Air Shut-Off and Check Valve Combined

Standard Viton-type diaphragm.

For High and Low Volume Spraying

GPM range .43 to 13.42 depending on the nozzle combo used.

Works with a variety of Spacing

Can be used with 30″ , 40″ and 60″ spacing.

Longer Lasting

Longer lasting than traditional pinch valves, with easy maintenance.

Operating Pressures

Save wear and tear on compressor between 20-40 psi higher than liquid pressure. Liquid pressures for combo nozzles are between 10-60 psi.






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